Urban landscape

The urban landscape is the one of a North-Italian province where the sun rays enter through the windows and illuminate the facades of the houses, and they seem to come inside and penetrate through the curtains which have been just removed.

The eyes of the one who observes it follow the sunrays and penetrate into the invisible space.

The imagination completes the painting. Behind those windows there could be families at lunch, lonely persons, elderly people, students. Only some balconies have no curtains, so one can have a glance at the rooms of the apartment and even see the furniture there. Someone might be having a coffee at the bar in the street which has a more attractive sign like “caffetteria”.

The terraces and windows can tell you about different characters. The female linen and towels left to get dry hint to the women who work, who take care of themselves and of their homes.

There are stacks of crock pots which may be seen through the railing of the terraces and which will flourish with geraniums in spring. The colourful curtains protect the space from external looks but it seems one can hear the chinking of dishes and the TV switched on. The facade of each house is full of life, of the existence which is so authentically beautiful, chaotic and a bit shabby like the walls which surround it.


The mysterious author

of these fragments is



Painter for passion

Sant'Agata Feltria

Rimini - Italia


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