All the faces have the past created by days and happenings. But for a portraitist a face of a narrator gives an opportunity to see the traces of his thoughts and of his characters.

The signs of a pencil on the paper are the same thing for the one who depicts as for the other who writes. But in the first case there are wrinkles who speak, as well as lights and shades, the shadows of the tired eyes, the curve of the smile.

There exists a portrait of a poet and of a philosopher, of the one who wrote comedies and of the one who was busy with the social statements, of the one who described America of the 50s.

The verisimilitude with the faces of the portrayed persons who are well-known personalities does not change the comprehension from the works of a portraitist who gave the essence to ideas and ideals and sometimes to stories.


The mysterious author

of these fragments is



Painter for passion

Sant'Agata Feltria

Rimini - Italia


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