Every urban centre has an open-air market. It is easy to find it in here: the main squares and streets are closed for the traffic on “market days”. It is more difficult to find in bigger cities where the parking lots and pedastrian zones change their function and turn into the festivity places for one or two days a week.

This is a festivity of hands holding plastic bags full of food or clothes, bright colours, smells and shouting. To immerse into the market square is like to dive into a swirling circulation of everything – bright joyful chatting. The hands are looking for something, ransacking and touching various things trying to grab a piece of cloth, an apple, something you need, something you wish

The street turns into an enormous show-window, vivid and chaotic, where everything is equal and different at the same time: fruit and vegetables are sometimes displayed in order, put into cartons, shining in the sun. Sometimes they make up incredible groggy pyramids.

The colourful clothes interlace with those white ones. They are hitched with the purses firmly held in hands close to the chest because of the fear to be stolen in such a confusion. Other hands appear here and there: they are those which look for something, pick up, hold or throw into the air.


The mysterious author

of these fragments is



Painter for passion

Sant'Agata Feltria

Rimini - Italia


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