Ancient village

Italy consists of really small, authentic and lively villages. The place speaks better for itself about the past of the urban centre but it also contains the movement of its productive community and the awareness of its own value and of the unique things it keeps inside.

The antique clock and the remains of frescos on the walls evidence the prosperity which has not completely disappeared yet. The time passes and the tower clock reminds us about it. There is no more water flowing under the Roman bridge, but the grass growing.

This illustration reminds us about Italy of the romantic “Grand Tour” period and the young ladies with umbrellas who were walking around the charming antique ruins.

The countryside has its colours, inclinations and reflections of light depicted over five hundred years ago. They are still the same locations which used to be the background of great masterpieces of Renaissance: Tuscany, the Apennines of Romagna, the hills of the Marches and further to the North the landscapes which are neither the part of the Po valley, nor the mountains, and in spite of looking like a woodland the sea air can be still felt there.

The traces of human-beings, their residences or farming have not disfigured its antique beauty.


The mysterious author

of these fragments is



Painter for passion

Sant'Agata Feltria

Rimini - Italia


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